Become a Professional App Developer via IMAD

Do you want to become an app developer? Have you dreamt about developing an app all with your own efforts? If yes, then there is a great opportunity for you to grab & become an expert in the field. IMAD is all there to give a deep insight into the app world, where you can fulfill your dreams of having your own app.

The insight of IMAD:

IMAD is basically a platform to develop the caliber into individuals to develop the apps. This is basically a course backed by IIT Madras to develop the smart phone apps. IMAD will make the candidates capable theoretically as well as practically. One can easily become capable of developing mobile applications in an excellent way.

Methods of learning

Learning at IMAD is interesting and informative too and won’t require the aspirants to mark their physical presence in the classroom. The method includes:

  • Video based lectures

The lectures are being delivered through videos. The candidates will get complete knowledge via these lectures. Their each query gets properly solved by the experts without any delay.

  • Portal

The candidates will be provided with the portal of app development. With the help of this, one can easily develop the web application after learning all the concepts deeply & thoroughly.

  • Peer learning

IMAD, IIT Madras believes in learning to achieve excellence. Peer learning refers the co-study among the aspirants from same batch through exchange of ideas using discussion forums. This is the best way to enhance knowledge.

Course Duration

The total time needed for the whole course is almost 8 weeks. In this much time, the candidate will get acquainted with the complete knowledge of the mobile application development.


After the completion of the course, the participant will get eligible for the certification of IIT Madras. The candidates with the highest marks will get the chance of internship in product development at Hasura.

Date of Course

Till now, two batches of the course have been completed successfully in September 2016 & January 2017. Around 83,000 students have taken part in these courses & got expertise in app development. Now, on July 24, the new batch will be started to disseminate the esteemed knowledge of app development.

 This is an exquisite opportunity for you to get proficiency in developing an app. You can become perfect in creating mobile apps for Android as well as iOS platforms.


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