Cracking JEE The Smart Way

The very first step in a student’s journey towards cracking JEE is the firm belief in yourself that you have it in you, and as such, you can realize this dream. Remember, you do not reach very far if you only think that merely cracking the JEE is going to be tough for you and it is only for the super-smart.

A very crucial problem that JEE aspirants face is that of time management. You need to be able to manage your time well in order to make time for other important things in your daily schedule. Also, make sure to give equal importance to all of the three subjects – Physics, mathematics, and Chemistry. Also, one very important thing the students need to maintain is to be regular and consistently follow the daily time-table. It is also necessary to revise what you studied the previous day, and practice sums regularly. Let’s say for example you can put in four hours of study time every day. So, you could divide the time into two halves and keep the first half for going ahead with your syllabus and the second half can be used for revising the parts that have already been covered for the day.

In addition, students also need proper study material to help guide them through the rigorous process of getting to know all the subjects. There is a large amount of study material available in the market for JEE which includes numerous books and study material belonging to various educational institutes. Here, the students need to identify the good form the bad ones and need to stick to them till they are properly done with all of it.

Now, to effectively crack JEE, proper planning is required for the same. So, if you are in the 10th or 12th standard, it would be highly advisable for you to work on and improve your analytical skills. In short, all JEE aspirants need to work hard from the initial stages to be able to crack JEE in a smart way.

Below given are the few basic point that students need to keep in mind in order to crack JEE in a smart way –

  1. Make a daily timetable for yourself which each subject in it and allot specific time slots to each of the subjects. This will help in saving a lot if the time that goes away in planning what to do and what not to do.
  2. While studying a specific subject, a student should make sure to study the theory as well as make time for practicing the tough questions while maintaining the time barrier slotted to each subject.
  3. Keep in mind to always begin from the basics because without clearing the basics, nobody can achieve the advanced concepts. As the saying goes that “without base, there will be no altitude” it is very crucial to first get a clear idea of the basics for every subject that you study. And remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
  4. Make sure to build up the right & appropriate basics because those are the building blocks for the future foundation and once the base has been built, it would be rather difficult to change it in the future if faced with any difficulty.
  5. Try to stay away from the answer book and practice each question at least five times before you refer to the answer book. Practicing alone gives you a lot of insight into the workings of the problem. Also, know this that without fail, you can never succeed.
  6. Make it a habit never to leave a question half done. There are many students who attempt questions, and when they are unable to solve it, they leave it half done. This is a very critical fault which instills fear into the students that result in loss of enthusiasm. Never do that.
  7. Always try to solve a question after looking at it through a conceptual approach. Don’t just read the question, try and understand what application could it be based on and how could it work. Asking questions to yourself is very important to get to answers you want.
  8. Consequently, your study schedule should be planned in such a way that you are able to get some time off for a little entertainment every day.
  9. Regularity in maintaining the timetable should be made a mandatory habit if you wish to crack the JEE with ease.
  10. Take proper rest. You need to make sure that your body and mind are getting enough rest. Make sure to sleep for at least six to seven hours in a day to keep yourself in top notch condition.
  11. Never try to cram things up, because it is easier just to try and understand them.
  12. Always stay in touch with an intelligent lot of your class.
  13. And most importantly, NEVER LOSE YOUR CONFIDENCE.



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