GATE 2018 Virtual Calculator- How to use it?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is one of the prestigious national exams through which engineering candidates can show their performance over what they studied while B-Tech. During the examination, students are not permitted to get their physical calculator. They are allowed to use the virtual calculator to ease the calculations.

Main characteristics of the virtual calculator:

  • To operate the online mouse, only mouse is required no use of keyboard.
  • The calculator will be available during the examination period.
  • The operations and functions of the virtual calculator are equivalent to physical calculator.
  • Cannot be used to solve quadratic equations, cubic equations.
  • This will be a non programmable calculator.
  • There will be not any spare keys which can convert polar into rectangular.
  • There will be no provision to solve the fractions only decimal forms can be solved.
  • The representation of complex numbers will be impossible
  • Matrix related functions have to be done manually. It cannot be done with the use of this calculator.

 How to Use?

  • The operators and numeric keys will be on the right side of the calculator.
  • Scientific functions and operations will be on the left side of the virtual calculator.
  • The trigonometric and hyperbolic functions are kept together and are just kept below.
  • The calculator shows two boxes; one box contains the functions and the other contains results.
  • Inverse keys are separate and there is no need to use the SHIFT key or INVERSE key.
  • To use the calculator no continuous need of Internet connection. Once it is loaded it can be used without the internet connection availability.
  • Enter C to clear all the inputs from the display box of virtual calculator

The virtual calculator is extremely helpful in GATE examination. One must know about the process of its usage for better results.

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