How To Choose The Right Engineering College

Selecting the right engineering college is the most daunting decision to take nowadays for both the student and family. It has become hard to decide because of availability of numerous engineering colleges and various engineering branches. To choose the right engineering college is the crucial task because the whole career of a student lies in these four years. The selection procedure starts after the engineering entrance exam during the seats counseling. One must follow a specific strategy to choose the college.

The following are some points that must keep in mind before choosing the right engineering college:


Firstly you have to decide the branch which you like a lot. You can choose any branch as per your interest, like computer science, electronics, electrical, mechanical etc. You must be aware of all the branches so that proper selection can be done. For the selected stream, your interest should be involved.


After your final decision regarding branch, you must do categorization. Just categorize the colleges into various groups, wherein one group must contain top most colleges and then others according to the next levels.

Scholarship or financial help

Check whether you are eligible for any type of scholarship or any financial help as per your previous merit basis or in the engineering entrance exam then check which institutes can provide you this type of facility & after that prepare a list of these colleges.


If it is possible to visit the college then go and visit the college specifically high public areas such as the library, cafeteria or any other crowded place then just imagine either it is suitable for you or not.

Not to go on name

Don’t give priority to the college on the basis of popularity. Check the reputation of the college and the placement lists of all the colleges. One college may be good for the specific type of stream but it might be possible that it is not suitable for your selected stream.


If you want to go to a specific high reputed college and the eligibility criteria for admission in that college is the entrance exam then you should be well prepared to clear the exam. If you get marks more than passing marks then you will become able to clear the exam and get admission.

This is how you can shortlist your dream engineering college.

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