Mechanical Engineer Education Requirements & Career Info

Mechanical engineering is a stream, where mathematical and scientific principles are utilized to devise new ways of designing, constructing and using machines. Mechanical engineers basically focus on researching and designing various manual as well as electrical machines and devices.




Regarding mechanical engineer education, one should have at least bachelor’s degree for making a career in mechanical engineering. These educational programs include computer programming, power systems as well as technical subjects such as fluid mechanics, hydraulics, and thermodynamics along with some basic knowledge of chemical, civil and electrical engineering.


Students can also go for research and development in private companies or academia after pursuing masters or doctoral degree in mechanical engineering.


Mechanical Engineer Colleges are generally approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET).


Licensure: All state engineers must have a license as a professional engineer (PE). Requirements for this license include a bachelor’s degree (4 years) from an institution accredited by (ABET) and work experience gained under the supervision of a licensed engineer.


Career Info:


Mechanical engineering education facilitates a variety of career opportunities with utility companies, government agencies, and automobile manufacturer. You may build large commercial products such as elevators, gas turbines, robots or smaller equipment like air conditioning units and electric generators.

As a fresher to this field, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is usually sufficient to qualify you for an initial entry type job. There are several schools which offer full and partial online degree programs at graduate as well as undergraduate level.


An additional qualification, such as Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Doctor of Jurisprudence, makes you eligible for executive positions in various institutes and private industries.


Getting a master’s or doctoral degree in mechanical engineering permits you to seek jobs as researchers or professors at a number of universities and colleges.


Opportunities are ample in numbers. You just need to be focused under the right guidance to find your feat in mechanical engineering.

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