What do You Need to Study to Become an Engineer

If you are thinking of making an engineering career, then the interested candidates should start preparing from their school level by selecting a variety of science & mathematics work. Students should participate in different science & engineering related projects to develop their skills in that field. Topics like Algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, computer science etc. help them a lot in this direction.

For it, you can take following steps to get into engineering

  • Start with Entry level & get Bachelor’s degree.
  • Most of these degrees require an internship or engineering training.
  • Take fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam, pass it & you will earn FE designation after this.
  • After the above step, you can try for engineering job & you can start up your engineering career.
  • Keep your education continued so as to retain your FE license.
  • If you have 4 years college degree & work experience, you will get PE Degree i.e. Professional Engineer degree.
  • You should still attend workshops, classes & your education to retain PE license.

For this whole above-written procedure, you need to decide on which type of engineering you want to enter into to become an engineer. There are many engineering degrees to choose from but choose it as per your interests & skills. Some of the examples are mentioned below:-

  1. Civil Engineer: This engineering allows professionals to design, develop & build different products including engines, tools or machines. The bachelor degree must be from ABET-accredited program to earn PE license.
  2. Computer Hardware Engineer: They contribute in advancements in computer technology by testing & designing systems. Bachelor degree is a requirement for it.
  3. Industrial Engineer: They manage material, devices, information, etc. to create products or to provide services. They need a bachelor degree in industrial engineering but bachelors in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering are also allowed for this engineering.
  4. Electrical Engineer: They design, develop & test electrical systems used in products. They need to have a bachelor degree from ABET-accredited program in electrical or electronic engineering.

Above-mentioned points are just illustrative & so many other fields like Environmental Engineer, Computer Software Engineer, Materials Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, etc. are available and you can select as per your choice & requirements.

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