Is the Education Just a Mere Business Now? Explore

Instead of conveying knowledge, education in India has turned into a ‘Commercial commodity’. Nowadays, the children are spoon-fed and the actual education is not being delivered to them. Additionally, examination evaluation is also based on memory tests instead of actual understanding and application of subject. That is causing a gradual degradation of educational culture in India. Indeed, this results in unemployment after graduation or engineering. Because they don’t have the fundamental understanding of their subjects, skills, and application of basic principles in practical issues which drags the future of students into the danger zone.

Even private institutes are focusing on increasing students and earning money rather than concentrating on productive output from their institutes. Some of the most reputed institutes are still maintaining their standard among topmost institutes due to their stringent admission procedure, but they need to elevate their level to match the global education standards.

Moreover, education should not be mixed with politics that may destroy the future of students as well as education system of this country. Political influence over educational institutes affects the learning environment of the place and appears as a hurdle for the students. This should be strictly prohibited.

Education should be wisely modified to improve analytical observance, communication skills along with basic moral values. Additionally, teaching prospective also needs to be considered. Talented people should join this profession and they must be well-versed with advanced professional training and ‘Gurukul system’ needs to be adopted to maintain positive relations among student, teacher and parents.

In order to make a friendly environment, the multilingual students from different cultures show integrity with their harmonious bond. Indian education system needs to set a benchmark to match the global standards; not just in terms of fee structure but also in the education system.

Indeed, all these effective measures definitely improve basic learning, understanding, analyzing and interpreting skills of the individual.

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