Pharmacy as a career option has a wide range of career opportunities to choose from. Most people only assume that there is only one outcome when a candidate studies pharmacy, but, that is not so. Studying a degree in pharmacy could lead to something

Top Pharmacy Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Pharmacy as a career option has a wide range of career opportunities to choose from. Most people only assume that there is only one outcome when a candidate studies pharmacy, but, that is not so. Studying a degree in pharmacy could lead to something more than simply becoming a pharmacist. Pharmacists are very important part of the healthcare industry as well is the system of the country. The skill and knowledge that a pharmacist has can be applied and implemented across the range of career options. A few of them are mentioned below:

  1. The community pharmacist
  2. hospital pharmacist
  3. Academic or research pharmacist

Moreover, under the banner of pharmacy, the candidates are made to prepare for the workforce. The colleges prepared the students for a range of clinical and rural work placements where the clinical are critical to putting the practice of theory into place aside community, hospitals, industry as well as rural settings.  All candidates under the course of pharmacy undertake clinical placements during the time of the degree when they are encouraged to consider that a rural placement could be a part of their clinical training as well.

Under the course of pharmacy, the candidates get to learn from world-leading academics which teach and impart knowledge on a uniquely designed curriculum which is focused on practicality and theory tickle areas under the domain of pharmacy, which helps prepare candidates for the elite workforce. Universities in the state of Tamil Nadu have proven record in both teachings as well as a learning experience all across various fields of study and research. The faculty at various pharmacy colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu are focused mainly on improving health conditions and outcomes in diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases as well as health services, mental health, patient safety and respiratory diseases.

A career in the pharmacy industry and musical sciences literally terms to creating a difference in the Indian healthcare system. Whether a candidate is directly involved in working with patients and their families or not, whether the candidate is involved in working at a pharmacy, or at a hospital setting or at a research facility or any professional institution or not, pharmacists career will always have a lasting and meaningful impact on the healthcare industry of the country.

Career in Pharmacy

Institutions and colleges offering the degree of pharmacy for both undergraduate and Postgraduate courses are specifically designed for young aspirants starting from high school students who have just begun with a journey into the profession of pharmacy, to the students who are readily enrolled in a bachelor’s degree under the pharmacy department, and interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry of the country. There is huge scope for people who are already in the workforce at the kind of industry within the country but are willing to make a dynamic career change.

Why Pharmaceutical Sciences?

The study of medicine and drugs and the research conducted on it has more modern applications than what traditional individuals in the field could think of.  Graduates from the Department of Pharma college and pharmaceutical sciences usually make up for a huge workforce, and the sector of pharmacy being a rare one is rather unsubscribed.

As a matter of fact, a pharmacist plays a very important role in helping patients feel better. Patients feel a lot better when a pharmacist is part of the health-care team, and the reason to that is that a pharmacist is the medication specialist.  The pharmacist can readily improve the medication at hearings without any external input. The basic nature of a pharmacist is to be culturally competent when it comes to providing health care to the ones who communicate to them effectively. Pharmacist evaluates and affects many factors in a patient which enables them to take a medication positively.

Pharmacy is a very rewarding and diversified career, with a lot of opportunities. Opportunities include scientific research, innovation, as well as patient care.

Importance of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a very critical component of the medical as well as the healthcare industry where the Department of pharmacy, as a single unit is primarily concerned with preparation, manufacturing, and marketing of drugs which are vital importance to the economy. Members under the provision of pharmacy and when a scientist or pharmacist who are necessarily required to have a comprehensive knowledge about drugs which includes their chemical and physical composition as well as the properties that have been used while creating the drug.

Career opportunities

Students in the field of pharmacy have numerous career options to choose from. They can choose from any of the designations mentioned below:

  • Community Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Research Scientist
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Medical Sales Representative
  • Higher Education Lecturer
  • Pharmacologist
  • Regulatory Affairs Officer
  • Science Writer
  • Toxicologist

Above mentioned are the various fields of jobs after the degree of Pharmacy. Candidates can take up any specialization they see fit. However, candidates must note that choosing a career option should come from interest in the subject. Not mere liking for it. The reason for that is the fact that everything gets tough once in a while. And when something we dislike gets tough. We merely stop practicing. So, one very crucial piece of advice to all candidates. make sure you choose what you love studying, or working with.

 Below mentioned are the best pharmacy colleges in Tamil Nadu:

  1. Aadhi Bhagwan College of pharmacy
  2.  Adhiparasakthi College of pharmacy
  3. Anna University Tiruchirapalli
  4. Antarctica college of pharmacy
  5. Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of pharmacy
  6.  BS Abdur Rahman University
  7. Cherraan’s College of pharmacy
  8. Coimbatore college of pharmacy
  9.  CS Jain College of pharmacy
  10. Fathima College of pharmacy


  1. Is there any kind of hostel facilities available in the college?
    • Yes, certain colleges have hostel facility, while certain colleges have accommodations near the campus. 
  2. Can a candidate apply for both B pharma and D Pharma at the same time?
    • Yes, they can provide they have successfully passed their class 12 examinations.
  3. Can candidates from other neighboring states apply for colleges in Tamil Nadu?
    •  Yes, candidates can do so. 
  4.  Can international students apply to the college for pharmacy degree?
    • Yes, International students can apply for pharmacy degrees in the colleges. They should visit the official university for detailed info. International Admission procedure requires the students to submit certain specific certificates that will be informed about upon inquiry with the university.
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